Motorcycle turn signal safety device
  • BlinkerBuddy


    Remember to turn those signals off with a Blinker Buddy turn signal device

    Never forget to turn your blinkers off again. With Blinker Buddy, there is no need to dangerously look down at a crucial moment to see if they are still on. Avoid getting hit by someone who thinks you are turning.

    Blinker Buddy is easy to install, simple to use and works automatically with your existing turn signals, alerting you that the directional signal is active and reminds you to turn it off. It may save your life!

    Common turn signal problems
    - You have to look down at the signal indicator light
    - You may not be able to see the stock light in daylight
    - You may miss the signal indicator blink, even if you do look
    - You accidentally, didn't push the reset button in hard enough

    The Blinker Buddy Solution
    - You no longer worry about turn signal problems
    - No complicated operational procedure involving your brake
    - Using it is easy and instantly becomes second nature to you

    Blinker Buddy provides you with constant protection and peace of mind.